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Every property owner wants to make their property look the very best. The courtyard one designs for the property has a huge role to play there. If you have the most well thought-out and aesthetically pleasing buildings and yet you do not pay any attention to the yard you are going to have a disastrous result. No one will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of your building without an equally beautiful garden.Not all yards come in the same size or shape. Actually these days we can divide the yards we can see in different properties into two main categories as the normal ones and the upward growing ones or the vertical gardens Sydney.

The Normal Yards

The normal yards are the ones which we traditionally see in any property. These areas grow horizontally on the ground. We choose a certain area of land and design it to be good looking. A good landscaper would think about both the beauty and the practical use of that space to make it a good garden. The choices of plants and also the different additions one might choose for such a land like fountains or benches are going to make that space even more beautiful to see. Of course, every yard needs proper maintenance too. If you create a beautiful park but do not take actions to maintain that area in that state you will lose that amazing space with time.

The Upward Growing Yards

These days we also have a very popular choice of yards which is known as wall gardens. These are upward or vertical growing yards. Instead of growing down on the land this kind of a yard grows on the walls of a building. This may be a new concept to people who are only used to seeing the traditional gardens we have everywhere. What basically happens in this kind of a yard creation project is choosing a wall of your choice and using that as the land where the plants grow. You organize things as rows, provide the plants you put there with the right amount of light and water and it grows as it should. You also get to use this option of greenery inside buildings too. Of course, to maintain such a yard can be more challenging as it grows in a very special environment. You have to find someone responsible to take good care of that kind of an addition to your property. There are professionals who are experts in creating both types of gardens.