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For many people, an environmentally friendly home starts from their bathrooms. A place where there’s continuous flow of water, tissue papers run haywire and fragrance of detergents manifest the air. Humidity causes the air to be contaminated with various allergens and cause breathing problems.

There are easy ways where anyone can do to make their place of privacy into a place fit for a king. This room where you cleanse your body and beautify yourself by disposing what needs to be disposed and transform your restroom in to the most ecofriendly bathroom that you own.

Check it before you stock it

Before you could hit the cashier with your tissue roll bundles, make sure check for the sign that signifies the ecology mark. If not available, then you have picked up the wrong type of tissue rolls for your ecofriendly bathroom. This third party certification will authenticate that the product is environmentally friendly. So make sure you purchase the product by identifying the significant mark or logo. In addition you can recycle the toilet paper roll instead of just throwing it away. You can use it as protection for new plant growth and as toys for playful puppies.

Pot it and plant it

A simple act of placing a potted plant indoors can make a huge difference to the quality of air you breathe. The plant has the ability to absorb all kinds of polluted and contaminated air which lies indoors and release purified clean oxygen air. Visit this link for further information regarding green office furniture.

Time it and turn it off

The mistake that many people do is, letting the water run while you brush your teeth. Did you realize how much water has been wasted by unnecessarily drowning down the sink without even been used? Always make sure you turn off the water while you brush your teeth, soap your hands and while you shave. Furthermore, in an average, almost two gallons of water are been used every minute while you shower. So if you or anyone of your family members tend to last longer in the shower, the water usage and wastage tends to be higher. To minimize this, set a goal an timer for each person that has a reasonable amount of minutes for showering. Better yet, is to install the modernized shower and faucet fixtures where they include motion sensors. The water will turn off automatically when it does not detect any movements.

Unplug after usage

This been a common mistake made by many of us. Always make sure to switch off and unplug electronic items been used in the restroom to avoid excess electricity been drained.


For a woman in love, is there anything more breathtaking than the sight and fragrance of a red rose? Actually, you don’t even need to be a woman in love! Though preference of blossoms may vary from person to person, there is little doubt that everyone likes the sight, smell and touch of a bloom. These are the most beautiful features of the wonderful world of plants, and boy don’t we all love them!

While they serve a very vital role as far as nature is concerned, for us mere mortals, a bunch of brightly coloured petals joined together to form a blossom, and a bunch of blossoms joined together to form a bouquet brings nothing short of pure happiness. And what better act to indulge in, than to bring joy to another?

Those of us who engage in flower delivery do just this. They bring joy to others, especially to those who receive them, while those who gift them also glean a enormous amount of happiness. Joy is in the giving, they say.

Flower delivery in Melbourne CBD is a precise activity though. It is important that each blossom be in the perfect stage of bud or blossom, and this depends on the variety thereof. That they be perfectly fresh is a must. That they have no sign of wither is also mandatory, as those little brown patches that creep down from the edge of a petal can change the beholder’s entire mood. No bloom should be crushed or pressed. No stem should carry soggy leaves.

And it’s not only the stars that are important. Don’t forget the support group; of ferns and foliage and baby’s breath and sprigs of lily of the valley which add volume to a bouquet. These too must be crisp and fresh. Getting these from field to florist is in itself a task. It’s a bigger job though to get them in the same cheerful condition to the florist’s window. Some, such as the long stemmed roses exported from Kenya to UK must take this journey very swiftly; sometimes within the space of just 24hours of being harvested. For your flower delivery needs, Queen St Flower Co provides beautiful arrangements.

And all this, in the name of bringing joy with one of the most simple and sincere gifts in the world, which is universally loved and cherished. Small wonder then, that man has attached significance and messages to various blooms; and, especially in the case of the Queen of them all, the majestic Rose, each of the colours that it comes in has a meaning all it’s own; from love and friendship, to a tear-jerking goodbye.